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Figuring out where business starts and creativity ends is a very daunting task for a lot of creatives. Through this edition, we want to equip design entrepreneurs with valuable skill sets that will drive business growth, profitability and sustainability.

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About dEX

dEX Artmosphere is a design conference by dEX Ghana that brings together designers in Africa and stakeholders of the design community under a common roof to connect, learn and discuss issues surrounding the state of design in Africa with pragmatic measures to improve themselves and design at large.


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Meet Our Speakers

This year we're hosting amazing speakers from all around Africa.
Below are our keynote speakers.

Yaa Boateng

Creative Director, Ghana

Tunji Ogunoye

Brand and Information Designer

Sunita Kragbe

Founder, Basecamp Initiative

Osmond Tshuma

Art Director, South Africa

Nana K. Duah

Principal & Creative Director, Oxygen


Check the program for this year's conference and learn about the speakers and sessions in store.
Sunita Kragbe
Founder - Basecamp Initiative

Learn all the soft skills that make you valuable in the eyes of the client beyond producing quality work.

Sunita explores practical ways to demonstrate assertiveness in negotiation, be articulate and convincingly communicate your thoughts for clients to appreciate the value of your service, acquire basic networking skills for a strong presence in the industry.

Osmond Tshuma
Creative Director at Mam’gobozi Design Factory.

This session will elaborate on strategies one can employ as a designer to own their space amidst the crowd. This topic will take our leaders on a journey of standing out with their craft and becoming recognised for the one thing that makes them special.

Yaa Boateng
Creative & Brand Specialist

Begin your journey to gaining unique expertise in maintaining exceptional delivery from start to finish of your project.
Learn the skill of communicating clear goals, the essence of managing deadlines and assigning roles in the creative process.

Yaa also explores developing self mastery, emotional intelligence in the face of critique.

Tunji Ogunoye
Brand & Information Designer, Fourth Canvas

Discover the power of WE in doing business. Learn the undeniable strength of teaming up.

Nana K. Duah
Principal & Creative Director, Oxygen

Discover how to have confidence, deal with self-doubt and the right choices to make that will influence self-belief as a creative.

Yaw Onyina
3D Generalist

A versatile 3D artist who doubles as a medical doctor.

Fawaz Ibrahim
Graphic Designer

A brilliant graphic designer who has carved a niche for himself in the entertainment space

Wanjira Kinyua

Nairobi-based designer and illustrator, trying to create a fictional world based on our cultures.

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